Friday, August 19, 2011

He's The Very Best Of Teacher

Huh, this blogs dusty! Hi all, I'm so sorry for not updating this blog for quite a while, well, its kinda north of a month coz my last post was dating from July 11th 2011. It was just because I got stuck in a situation of "so many things to do, so little time", facing 9 examination papers throughout the month. The worst thing is, it was the Final Examination papers. Yeah, the very last exam before I get to step into the life of a degree student, well, this upcoming September.

The reason why I took the Final Exam real late than the others because I caught a dengue fever when the others were facing the exam. So my exam was dragged to a date dating south of three months from the real final examination date, just for my recovery.

But as my exam was scheduled to be in July, so I have to arrange my own place to stay throughout the 5 days period of exam. But then I decided to just stay at my previous hostel, even it is already occupied with juniors. Well, sharing is caring right? Plus it won't take any longer, just a 5 days period. A LONG 5 DAYS PERIOD.

It was actually a very long, tough a week of 5 days. There were always obstacles, like when I lost my baggage at the bus station in Seremban, when I had to take a paper without an identification card and proper attire (coz my cloths were all there in the lost bag!), and of course, when I had to explain why to the people at the examination center. That moment I was really have to cling to my own self, coz I got nobody to assist me with everything.

But I was so lucky a very generous lecturer got my back. He was Mr. Arho, who teach Physics to the foundation students in my university. He helped me everyday with almost everything; gave me a ride to my hostel, treated me lunch, gave me his office keys in case I want to study in a period between the papers, supported me morally etc. Served me all the assistance I need along such a week of helter skelter like that . I owed him really that much.

On my last day there before I had my last paper, I told Mr. Arho my mechanical pencil was broken and so I wished to borrow a pencil from him. I put the dismantled mechanical pencil on his table (it was terrible broken) all scattered, before I thanked him and left to face the paper. 3 hours later when my paper was over I came back to his office, but he wasn't there. But suddenly I saw my mechanical pencil was still there on the table, but fully mantled and in a good shape. Yes, he fixed it for me, man. I was so touched :)

In the evening when he sent me back to my hostel for the last time, I hugged him real tight, thanked him for helping me and treated me really good, even though before this we never got to know each other that better. I mean, he didn't teach my class or my lecture. I just met him by coincidence before that. But he treated me otherwise; just like I was his son. I felt so touched by his kindness and so lucky to have his assistance. Really do.

He's one of the best teacher I've ever known :) Mucho gracias, Mr. Arho.


alwanizolkifli said...

sedihnya .. byk btul dugaan mu. huhu ~
T___T syg cikgu tu >.<
semoga mu dpt result cemerlang :)
alhamdulillah semuanya da habis .. kan kan ? hehe .. alhamdulillah ^__^

adysuR said...

yup..he's the best teacher i've ever known.

Alhamdulillah. setel blake dh op.

everything you define me said...

yea rite :) tp ak bersyukur sbb tu sume pengalaman :)

tu la cg tersayang aku mulai skrg. rasa sgt bertuah sbb dia sgt baik. ngajor physics pun best gila. huhu

everything you define me said...

rusyda : yep sume da setel. tggu result jela from now on. adeh =.="

alwanizolkifli said...

nnt da berjaya kena igt jasa2 org yg byk tolong kita.. :)

everything you define me said...

insyaAllah.. i will~

fatma ayuni said...

yeah.! he's indeed the very best of teacher. :) i attended his awe-some lecture for the whole 2sems, and i'll never ever forget that beautiful memory with him. ^^

A Little Girl said...

sedihnye..yup2... sir mmg sgt baik... miss him very much!