Monday, July 11, 2011


السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ

People change, the only thing matter is whether it is approaching positivity or other the way around. Nothing much but the very nature of human. People always change in every sort of things that come in life; lifestyle, attitude, habit, conscientiousness, fervor in something whatsoever, as time flies. Even if they'll say they don't, well, they just do.  

Why do we change? Thats nature. Being human is full of demands. Whatever we've gotten, we always want more than that. It is like, prevailing in something that will lead us to a desire of prevailing another thing further ahead. And to achieve it we must change, which means to take sides, whether to the better or the worse. Coz mind you, in life there are nothing much as a "fence-sitter". We must choose.

Picking a rightful side isn't a hard choice. Living it, is. Why? As most people are lulled by the reality of a worldly life, they tend to chose the wrong side. There are a small portion of them who chose the other side, which is awfully untrodden but it leads to the better life instead; the Islamic way of life. But as there are more people choosing the wrong side rather than the right side, the wrong side suddenly appear to look as "right". 

One friend of mine commented on a profile picture of a girl that wasn't wearing any hijab. He reminded her that it would be nicer if she wore a proper attire as a Muslim. What did he got in return? 

"This is my profile picture okay, get your nose out of it."

My classmate decided to put an end to his relationship with her girlfriend. He knows how wrong it is and he chose to broke up in the name of Islam. Honestly he did, but what do you reckon that girl reacted? 

"Ahh stop pretending to be pious. Get lost."

One of my friend posted in his wall that he's "in a relationship" with a girl. You know what people have responded?

"Wow you're advanced! I don't even get a girlfriend yet. Haha. Good for you." 

This is the MENTALITY of our people. The mindset is tuned into "everything that is wrong in Islam is cool", "things that most people do are great" and "to be Islamic is lame". And this is getting worse everyday; no one is noticing it!

Brothers and sisters, all we need is another change, and this time, it is the MENTALITY.

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hmm...yeah..that's right... thanks a i realise it.. :)