Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love is..?

Few weeks ago I signed in my Facebook account and took a mosey around my friends pages. Read a bunch of statuses from each profile, well none of them were about each of them, but do you know what they all got in common? All of them were melodramatic quotes, crediting to each others sweethearts, or at least, talk about nothing but love. 

Then I thought to myself; at the age of 19, is this the mating season for human? >.<

Few moments when I was "busy" stalking into each walls, someone greeted my on the chatbox. A girl I never knew, saying "hi". Then we chatted a lil'; talking about each other and all those boring questions : "how are you", "where do you live", "have you eaten", "what did you do today" etc. Then after a while she suddenly asked me if I've a girlfriend yet, and I replied no. I felt obliged to ask her the same and her answer is the same as mine, no. But she said she was looking for one. Well, what else could I say, I told her to chill coz I assured her that she'll find her match sooner or later, its just the matter of time. Then, she suddenly threw me a question :

"Do you want..?"

I knew I wasn't only blushing at the moment, but it gave me goosebumps too. Yeah! Its creepy to think how that question could be that easy to be thrown to a random guy, that was me, that she just found in just like, 30 minutes earlier! 

Just one question to girls : IS IT REALLY THAT EASY?

Few months ago, an almost exactly the same situation happened to me. I was chatting with a girl I just knew for 2 days (from Facebook) and she already talked about "marriage", "getting married" and "fated to be together". She said that she wished I'll marry her. 

Again, blushed face and goosebumps. >.<

Love is..? That easy..? That short? That simple? Really?


Saefullah said...

mung semat ngak ekpown dly,,haha

everything you define me said...

ngek.. +.+

Anonymous said...

this comment have nothing to do wth ur post..but feel the urge to tell u something..there is a girl which think tht she'd done something wrong to you..and of course she wanted to say sorry to you badly..but she knew it would be hard as for her being ignorant towards you is such a big crime..and she knew tht wht goes around comes around..for her..she only want to say sorry to you for being ignorant..and for being a coward as she is not brave enough to do it publicly...the choice to forgive her or in your hand..we do know tht sorry wont be good enough..and she have the right to be hated by you..but most of all she hope that u'll never quit debate.

everything you define me said...

anon : don't really know if theres somebody really concerns bout how do I ever feel all this while. i don't know, coz I've seen none. i'm sorry.

miss chillax said...