Monday, July 4, 2011

Weird Dreams : My Lecturer Is My Old High School Ex Girlfriend

I took a mosey around the beach on a pulchritudinous eve. There was a function but I couldn't remember what is it. Great in the sky there lies the sun hiding behind a cluster of cloud in the west yellow horizon. Seagulls and kingfishers fly across from nowhere in their flocks, and the sea started to glitter like a wave of diamonds in the sunshine. Dear Lord, it was a perfect eve.

I walked away from the crowd to enjoy the panoramic eve sea view. It was a good riddance; the noise and the standing ovation of the crowd would just wreck my eve. Glaring the divine sky where the sun starts to set and the moon fades in greatly pacify my mind. I felt empty, I felt nothing. For the first time I feel my mind was totally vacant with nothing circling it. I even have no idea why am I here, what was the function is all about, why was I here, how did I got here; in fact, I didn't even know where on earth actually I was! But for some strange reasons I felt it was better that way. I felt real calm.

After a few moment I dragged myself back to the crowd. I was reluctant to walk away from beach but I have to get home. It was already dawn, and my mother would surely kill me if I stay any longer.

It was like a beach party; the people were all nearly scantily clad. But it didn't actually got me in any way, I kept on my track looking for familiar faces that could drive me home. Suddenly I realized how loony it appeared to be; I was like in some weird country and the people were all whites! I was like in some American beaches in some American countries. It was really odd.

I kept walking on, muddled, when I suddenly saw a very familiar face. It was a woman sitting there on a bench. Who was it, I couldn't easily remember, even though I was really sure she must have something to do with me. I didn't have the guts to greet her, but I kept her in sight. Wait, I know this woman..

Out of the blue there was a flash in the pan. Yeah, there were no doubt. She's my lecturer in my university! Dear God, what was she doing here anyway? I stepped in to meet her.

As I approached her I felt something strange. It seemed like she wasn't just a lecturer to me. I finally faced her in person, and my mind could hardly told me that she was my girlfriend, on the other hand! What the heck?

She was still looking familiar to me as a lecturer in my university, but as I greet her she stared into my eyes in a different way. Then she said, "Dear..

Okay knock it off. This is a very stupid dream. Haha. Forget it. Dreams are weird. +.+


Zul said...

Haha. I hope your lecturer read this!

everything you define me said...


Anonymous said...

haha..amusing..but thts the way i like of a dream.."there are o impossible things"