Monday, January 31, 2011

New Updates, New Looks!

Heyya. Howcha doin?

Sorry it took so long for me to update this blog, I'm so busy with my so-many-things-to-do-so-little-time schedule in the campus. Well hows that? It's actually like you went late an hour late for your an-hour-and-a-half class, and when you're just got in, you have to catch up everything in a speed of light! Hell yes, it was exactly like that. Coz I was a month late for the whole semester schedule and as I was in, the mid-term exam was just in a 3 weeks time. So could you imagine how exhausted I was on the last 3 weeks, just to cover up everything in order to face the damned mid-term exam? The only word can describe this was just;

"so many things to do, so little time.."


But again who cares about my life? No one. So its okay, mind it off. Lets move on to what's currently better to be heard as headlines; The Middle East Riots.

The first time I heard about this was the best moment of my life on the whole day. I'm really happy inside! Why? I wasn't happy for the 180 Egyptians who were assasinated in the riots, and obviously of course not of the damage fueled by such rages. Prison break? Nah! Why the heck am I gonna happy of that??

"I am happy because for the first time ever in their lives, the Egyptians had finally come to realize that they deserve a better leader than the parasite Hosni Mobarak. For the first time in their lives, they finally mustered their guts to rise against a wicked, hypocrite and demented leader who to me is nothing more than just a culprit who think his power lasts forever and hides behind his army. "

You will fall!!

He's obviously not much difference than the previous president Anwar Sadat. Both are worst leader of Egypt of all time! Damn! I wish you all know what they did before. 

But anyway, even I'm happy for the rise-against, I'm still worries about all my friends out there. I got some pals studying there, and everytime I read those papers on the riots updates, I'll have them in my mind. May Allah bless them and save them. All of them. Amin.



Aku_Insan said...

hey, I care.. =)

btw, teruskan doa untuk sahabat-sahabat kita di Mesir. Inshaallah esok sbhgn besar smpai Jordan rasanya and we'll welcome them all.

everything you define me said...

thanks bro! i really don't know you care. seriously. haha. (just kiddin' =)

well seriously? so this was all the fuss was about. I thought it was just some rumors.

anyway thanks for the info. =)