Friday, October 8, 2010


Plenty of years ago, I have a non-socialize mind, which on that time I personally think that, to deal with girls is to deal with problems. Yeah, I don’t believe them coz they are often got into my nerve and never on the same boat with my mind.

“Love? Nope, no I won’t. The truth is dude, I don’t believe in love, coz personally I think its just disgusting to get over all that romance and melodramas, didn’t it? Girls just shouldn’t be trusted, not at all. The love you’re dreaming with them is just a lie which they had bluffed all over you. All the happiness and mirth you feel to be in love with them is just a fool’s paradise, I assure you. I’ve seen a lot of them happening to my friends, and I’ll see lot more of them soon..”
That was what I thought before. I was not so interested to love or to be loved, so paradoxically different with most of my friends on that time. They’re looked so keen to get into love, or if not, seemed to be so desperate to look for one. And that’s why at only a schooling age, love and all that related to were my friends’ field of expertise; no doubt to say so as they were very well experienced in it. My batch itself was full of couples and mates who are madly in love with each other. I found that kind of atmosphere in my both schooling times; primary school and high school. Yeah, I still have a clear picture in my mind about it.

But when I turned 15, my perceptions on love suddenly turned upside down. I found it no longer such a disgusting thing to talk about, and I totally forgot about the “fool’s paradise” and “melodramas” all over! Yeah, all over..

And now, as I turned 18, I finally got in and living in the ‘fool’s paradise I’ve been talking about years ago.. And I’m kinda love it =)

Now I realized that I was totally mistaken to have a mind as I had years ago. I shouldn’t said so. Women are meant for men and we are meant for them. We shouldn’t deny their presence in our lives coz they’re actually complementing us, our lives. So why don't you appreciate them, boys =)

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