Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Letter to my dear Ramadhan

Salam, to my dear Ramadhan..

I'm so glad to see you ever again, after such a long wait.. When you blaze your trail this morning, I'm just feeling like an electron in the Photosystem 1 acquiring photons from the sunlight and just got boosted from P700 reaction center, up up and away to my excited state! Yeah..So excited to embrace you again right now.. How I miss you!

You know, this morning when I rose up, I realized that today is not the same day as yesterday.. I learned that, how the day was so calming and cool, with blowing soft air, nice blue sky,and shining little sun from the yellow horizon.. Everything was just so harmony and peaceful, just as the mother nature was celebrating the day and commemorating your presence, dear..

Pal, you know, when you left me a year ago, my life was no longer such a mirth. Yes I'm happy throughout the year, but without you, I felt my life is stranded somewhere out in the desert with nowhere to go, and I've lost my compass..  Without you dear, it was like my life is pacing out of my path slowly, leading me further and further away from Him.. 

But dear, when you're around, its the way around that happening. My dusty life suddenly turned so wonderful everyday and night.. and I feel closer to Him more than ever..

So please, can't you stay here a little bit longer this time, dear? I'm so afraid to lose you everytime you go and ever again,  because I'm not pretty sure that we can ever meet again when you come back again a year ahead.. Future is just unpredictable..

Marhaban ya Ramadhan.. I love you.. =)

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faathah said...

salam ramadhan kareem.
may Allah bless us.