Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learning To Be Better

I don't know what but I had this strange whisper in my head lately. The message was subtle, but apparently it  was a request. A request from inside myself, to myself, beseeching for a better me next semester.

"You know what, I think its time for a change, for both of you and me.."

It was right. This upcoming September I'll be turning 20, and being 20 means a little growing up. I mean, just think about it, what have I done for the past few years? Nothing. All the time, nothing but fooling around, enjoying my adolescence. And I think I had had enough.
Lets grow up for a little bit.

Out of sudden, a few weeks before the new semester session blazed its trail, I got a call that I was chosen to be in a leadership programme in Maran, Pahang with the other 60 participants. And I thought, ah, right in time. Maybe this can be a great start.

The programme lasted for six long days, but it was worthwhile. I don't think it is exaggerating to say that it was one of the best leadership camp I ever participated. Not only we were exposed to the true nature of leadership, but also the true nature of ourselves. The benefits goes both ways; as a leader, and as a Muslim personally.

When the new semester starts later on, I was allocated to be the leader for the second year student of ISA programme. To me, honestly, I don't think being in this position will be something that I can be proud of. Thinking about that much burden that I am going to carry on my back later on, that position is utterly nothing. Plus I never really had any experiences handling something bigger than a small tutorial class before, so I must be extra cautious about everything. But after all, I took the responsibility. I took it, and regarded it as a medium to develop myself, to be someone better.

Today, I challenged myself to becoming a MC (Master of Ceremony) of the Dean's Award Ceremony of my faculty, something I had never did before. And I did it. Up till this moment, I don't believe I did it. It was never something I intended to be, but I think, to be better, maybe I need to challenge myself to things I feared the most before, just like that. ( I had this phobia with talking in front of crowds)

I am not mentioning all of these because I am proud of myself, just I want you people to know that, the only thing that keeps stopping us from doing something that we should is, the guts. Something may seems impossible for you to do, but I believe all it needs is for you to take the first move. Just take the first move, and surely the others will be following. :)


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