Saturday, July 14, 2012

How To Lose Weight Efficiently

Hello everybody. Today I've got some tips for those who are still thinking on how to lose their weight. Products? Lipo-suction treatments? Hunger games? Bloody hell no man! These tips simply based on the concept of, "Drop what you don't need". Well here it is :

1. Remove one of your kidney.
Thats right people! You do know that you can live with just one kidney don't ya? So why the heck do you need to keep both of them, when it is just gonna cost you a few hundred grams? 

2. Poop regularly.
You might say this is kinda gross, but the more you poop, the less weight you will get! Based from a study it is reported that an average daily poop of a human weigh for about 2.5 pounds, and it is funny how you can get rid of 2.5 pounds of your whole body weight everyday just by pooping regularly!

3. Keep a short haircut.
You've read it right dude. From what I've read hair can weigh up to 3.0 ounce an inch, and nobody has an inch of hair pal! So if you're growing long hairs, you're gaining more weight! 

4. Bite your fingernails.
I lied about the biting, you can just cut it off. Do I have to mention about the weigh of the fingernails too?

Thats it dude! If you practice all of these, summing up, you have already lost a few pounds of weight in no time! Daa!


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