Monday, September 12, 2011

Undergraduate Life

Today's the second day of my life as an undergraduate student in USIM. Feelings? Uneven. Yes of course I'm kinda excited coz I finally prevailed to be in a university; an aim in my list of dreams-to-be-achieved-in-life which had finally got fulfilled. But as I discovered the schedule, I felt screwed. 

I never expect that every classes would take place in different faculties. EVERYTIME. You have to know how each faculties aren't just a step away, but might be hundreds of it. Oh God..

(I really need a ride. Modenas Kriss, you're freaking PRECIOUS at these moments)

So along these 2 long days, I dragged myself there and there. If luck wasn't on my side, like today, I've to walk again to my hostel in a scorching sunny heat. Feels like a roasted duck in a middle of a burning desert, walking slowly in dire need of water, and destination. It is like 3 or 4 kilometres of walks per days, and it isn't funny at all.

I just met the dean of Faculty of Science and Technology just now, trying to work on some progresses on my appeal to change my courses. But he acted real cold seeing me, and I felt so not much welcomed when I just stepped into his office. Before I could even say a word, he overruled and said that he don't want to listen to anything; any reasons any explanations whatsoever. He said he had been through all those things for over 8 years, and it sickens him. He just asked me to submit my application and wait for any progresses. 

Kilometres of walk in sun and thirst, and this is what I got?

He's lucky he is the dean. And I am the one who seeks for help. Or else..


NaDWaN said...

mu kos mnde? nk tuko g kos mnde?

Saefullah said...

sabaq naa

everything you define me said...

nad : ambe kos information and security assurance, computer science.. nk tuka jd biotech..(nk sme ngn ct hahahahah +.+)

NaDWaN said...

haha..dh tuko r gitu..ak napok cm bez gop hok ct oo

everything you define me said...

x ahu ag nad weh.. ak minat jgk komputer ni.. hehe

Anonymous said...

standard r tu..kat ukm pon kelas kat len2 fak jugop.. relax je naek bas..jln kaki..pnas ke letih ke.. mse ni la nk blajo jd kuat sket.. no manja2 ok.. u are undergraduate student already..


everything you define me said...

da problem is most of the time the bus weren't there..and faculties are really far apart from each other..and schdules are pack..and..

Anonymous said...

tu semua mslah biasa la angoh.. blaja seswaikan diri..