Monday, April 11, 2011

My Blogs' Reproduced?

Seriously, this is a miracle! 

Formerly I had only TWO blogs, Listen To My Whine and The Nerd Alliance. But 2 weeks ago I was kinda shocked to find that I had actually THREE blogs, displayed on my Blogger dashboard. 

Another one is called FIKIR-ZIKIR, and had already 22 posts updated in the blog.

So, one question:


err.. Asexually eh? Binary fission? Conjugation? or regeneration?

Oh My God! I should separate them next time.


Okay, that was a theory. A very non-science, (which better pronounced as "nonsense") and you-could-make-a-joke-out-of-it theory. Should never be brought up. But it was still a question then on how could I got another blog. It was just came out of nowhere.

So after days, I finally discovered that it was my friend who logged into the blog site by using my Blogger account. 

What a fuss. Huh.

But thanks to him for making me one of the administrator of the nice blog. I've been longing to have an Islamic blog like that, frankly, and suddenly zang! My wish fulfilled!


( p.s. TSU students, sorry (: But if you want me out of the blog, just tell me okay. I know I shouldn't have that privilege since I'm not one of TSU students. I just love blogging and that's why I've decided to keep it even after I discovered that it is a TSU's blog)

Happy blogging!


Anep said...

reproduced?? LOL XD

kapcai_kemek said...

n or 2n??

Adamisha said...

bravo lah hahaha