Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Reality of Streamyx

This is Streamyx, years ago.

Google up "Streamyx" and this is what you'll get.

TV kept rolling the same ads everyday on how freaking awesome Streamyx can speed the Internet.

What a fuss about Streamyx, people kept talking stars about it all the time. It was a legendary Internet package with affordable prices. It loads with speed of light. It was the most popular Internet package and connection in Malaysia. 

"What do you think about Streamyx?"

See how Streamyx had become a great phenomenon in Malaysia. Everybody talked about it.

But that was years ago. Now it was realized that those commercials and ads had been fooling us all this while. 

The term "Streamyx" and "fast" is an obvious contradiction.

In fact, people today is using the word "Streamyx" to represent the term "damn slow"

For example:

1. Turtle lose the 1500m run against rabbit because it is Streamyx.
2. Peter is a Streamyx student, as a result, he got E in every subjects.
3. "That Perodua Kancil is Streamyx. It cannot be used in race"

Don't agree? Try to watch Youtube using Streamyx.

This is me, watching Youtube, using Streamyx.

Minute one.

Minute 2.

Minute 3.

Minute 44.


That was me. No. That is me. I'm still suffering from that. Thanks to Streamyx.

But it is still a fuss. People still keep talking about Streamyx. All the time.

And in conclusion.


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