Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Month To Go..!!

Hey ho..

Still..Its still really awkward being here ..well u should know,1st time outta house, far from family and friends..Feels so alienated and strange to be far far away from my hometown and stuck in here for months.. Yeah,months! Days here are just like months to me.. Huhu.. I miss my home..

But anyway..i think i've started to like this place..(although sometimes it make me feels like i'm in penitentiery, chained by those books..Uiksz..) Coz actually I've made some friends here and so I'm not that alone..Just now, i'm missing my hometown, my bedroom, my parents and of course my beloved bike..( I can't live without it!!) Huhu.. 

And my friends, all i heard from afar was just they are now making their last preparations to their college or universities.. Which means that I'll be all alone when I come back soon...Uhh..Too bad..I really missed to hang around with them..

And just for info, I will be heading back to Terengganu on 24/7, I repeat, 24/7..huhu..which just gonna be next month.. Ohh.. I really can't wait.. i hope the days would last shorter till that day..huhu.. 

Okay..thats all for now.. bye =)


mercAfiq said...


ak ddk sining 2 bln oh dop balik..
huhu.. homesick gop posen..

deLy said...

haha..ngek gowh homesix..
mnje bbenor mu..hahaa..

ak rndu k muto ak j..

jue jue said...

what??????????? angoh blik umah arini kew..xaci2!!!!!