Friday, June 4, 2010

Here I Am

Assalamua'laikum w.b.t.

Whoa! Rise and shine, cyber world! Hi bloggers!

Long time no see.. first 'hi' ever here for weeks! Huhu.. Sorry for the time dear blog, I was just got off the access along the time as my father had just quitted the streamyx for my pc, and installed the wi-fi for the laptops. Well so till i get my own laps, i won't be able to stay all the time troubling..I just can't wait to have one..


U know, since I haven't been here for some weeks, there are some things to tell about. First, I failed the top ten list of chosen trainees of METC for the new intake and 2nd, I got USIM for UPU (after months of waiting)um..their 2nd intake of the year..Well perhaps thats such a bad news and a good news but it doesn't really matter coz at least there are good news,right?..So when i get upset of the bad news, perhaps the good things will helps me to cool down..(sigh)

Anyway..its nothing actually..of course I'm so relieved to have all the news..To me, none are bad news.. Both of them had solved lots of my problems which had been overwhelming my mind all this time..To me, there's nothing better than to have a clear peaceful mind.. I'm sick of all the keeps me sick..

The thing that had been troubling my mind the most is of course the METC thing.. It really had drove me crazy while waiting the result.. I have not slept well thinking of that; rushing my time to the Yayasan, looking for updates everytime i got worry..Why so? Coz i really want it..Its my first priority actually, rather than the UPU stuff..I know i just can choose one of them, so after a deep thought i chose METC to be in the first place.. But since now i know I've lost the METC, I'll just concentrate to the UPU without my mind being troubled by the disappointment..Nothing to think about.. I think all the sadness I've been through had taught me great lesson; not to cry over spilt milk..

But actually, I don't really lost the METC..(hehe)..For real, actually i got it, but not in this 1st intake..Maybe the next intake (which i don't know when),coz my name is not in the 1st list.. The 1st list which are confirmed will be going are for the top ten trainees.. Mine are in the top 20's, so its in KIV list.. Now,as i just don't know when my turn is gonna be, so I'll just gonna concentrate to prepare for the USIM.. Later if I got my turn, I'll just be out of USIM and proceed to METC.. thats what I'm planning to do..InsyaAllah.

Erm, now, I'm really busy preparing for USIM, really do..Its all in a rush,everything is in rush actually..coz in just 2 days more, I'll gotta go..huhu..(i hate this)

I think I'm gonna miss my friends terribly there..U know, here i got everything done together with them.. Everyday, we'll met somewhere.. There are activities for us to do together everyday.. Well of course i'm not kidding you, me and my friend now are just like brothers.. We've spent so much time together everyday, ever before someone of us gotta go somewhere.. And just before one of us left, we'll plan something for him to remember forever; the bang! haha..u know the bang, with the eggs, flour and anything else it needs to mess him up..thats such a sweet memory.. it really do.. i just hope that even if one day everyone of us get away soon, our like-no-other friendship will remain..


Bye for now~


fatin amirah said...

wehhhhhhh.bestla dpt usim.ak dpt uitm ja.;(

bljr molek sna beb.

dely said...

owh..uitm pn ok pe..bes..rama bdk shams kat c2 kn.. pn..thanks~

adysuR said...

Hah, sekelas lagi

everything you define me said...