Friday, April 23, 2010

I Was Dead


Hye to all..

"Long time no see".. Well if my blog was talking that might be her 1st word to say.

Yeah, I was not around for weeks and I'm sorry for that. I was quite busy lately and so didn't stand a chance to write something here for updates. But it goes without saying that somehow I will be writing something to share with you sooner or later. So don't worry, I'll never leave this spot.. Coz this is the only place I can ever be myself. Its just like a diary to me anyway.

Erm, about "my death", well ,of course I'm not dead yet. Its just, the one that lies inside me is dead. Okay, not to be metaphorical, just to say that I've changed inside. I'm not what I was before, thats for sure.

Why? Whatever happened to the old Dely? What killed him? Well, I can say, its everything. Everything that i face, that comes to me had assasinated him slowly by time. And when he's no longer "alive" and lost his motivation, he evolved from what he was to what he was not. There comes the new Dely, the brand new me.

Can't get it?

I'll tell you what. When the old Dely got his SPM results in his hand, he was terribly disappointed, as its not appeared to be like what he want. And so he was dead. But by time, he realised that it was wrong to be so, and he evolved into the new Dely. He changed to be more optimistics and never cry over spilt milk. He learned to accept his fate, and changed inside from a pessimist into an optimist.

When the old Dely lost his beloved grandfather, his heart cries all the time, and he was so sad. Things came to worst when he had to face it all alone without his best friend's support. She wasn't at his side when he do really need her. So he was dead. But after that he had come to realise that things won't get better if he remain so. And just then he evolved inside into new Dely. He learned to let things go.

Now, the old Dely had lost her forever. He was sad again; a part of him is dead already. Sooner, he died pathetically. It took lots of time for the new Dely to evolve and rise. Weeks later, he finally changed. He tried to be more self-reliant and less depending to others, especially girls. He had lost his faith in girls, and thats how he changed. Now, he's still trying to cheer himself up and try to be a happy boy..

Ganbatte kudasai..

Well overall, thats what happened to me all this while. And I'm glad to share it all with you, the blog, coz I know I can share everything with you. You're one of my best buddies now. Love ya..

So, here I am; the brand new person of me.. Change for the better..

Adios =)


saya said...

sory,, dear...

well, glad to know that you become better now..
wish u gud luck!!..

everything you define me said...

dear its ok..
i'm fine now..

rise n shine!
thanks =)