Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Math, Please Solve Your Own Problems. I Have Enough Of My Own.

You student? Then you, not unlike the other students regardless on what level they're in, knows there's always a subject, if not more, that is of your dislikes. Possibly because it is a subject that you find yourself hard to grasp it, or because the teacher in-charge is "not-so-friendly" (especially when you didn't finished the homework given) ,or merely because you're never interested in it. 

In every semester, there must be at least, for one subject. As for me, well, I don't find any subject that I really dislikes, up until I was introduced to a subject that they call, mathematics. And guess what, that subject keeps looming in my time table ever since my first day as a student, about 15 years ago in a lovely kindergarten, and still counting!

I don't have an exact reason why I don't like mathematics after all, it is just, well, I'm not really into it! I don't like dealing with numbers (unless when it comes to money) or anything that leads to the word 'calculating'. Statistics, Calculus, Logarithms, Derivatives, Functions etc, you name it, nothing will trigger my enthusiasm to study those. I just don't like it, and I'm damn sure my brain dislikes it too.

" A man bought 150 watermelons, 90 apples, 55 oranges and 20 lemons from a mart with an original price of RM1000. He paid with a price of 20% lower. 

Question: What is the selling price? "

Mathematics is ridiculous. It is the only place where people buy 150 watermelons and no one ever wonders why. LOL. 

Anyway thats a standard 6 math question. 5 years later the question evolved to be like this:

" A man bought 150 watermelons, 90 apples, 55 oranges and 20 lemons from a mart in Ontario, Canada with a price of RM1000. He want to sell those at his stall in Connecticut, USA with a price 20% higher.

Question: How far has he travelled? "

TETTT!! I beg to differ. The questions that should be asked is:

What he wanna do with that much watermelons, apples, oranges and lemons? Is he throwing a party or something? And why would he buy those in Canada, though his stall is at USA? Does USA ban the selling of those fruits in the country?

I'll solve the problem only when mathematics clarifies those things to me first.

Yeah, me and my logic. I wish I could do those. LOL

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