Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Semester Break Syndrome

Packing up for home for a break? Instead of filling up the bags with cloths, you certainly bring along a few, if not much, loads of books, with an intention to study them at home later on. As far as I concern, I bet as a student we all do this, right? Yeah, of course we do.

But do we..? Well, for the umpteenth time, HECK NO.

*or maybe if you do, surely not all the books. Just some lucky books, and that is it. 

Every single time we were at home, we had always resisted to study. Reluctantly, sometimes we do, but not as much as we thought we would on the first place, when we were still packing up. Didn't it so? No surprise at all, because it simply happened every single time! Every single break we had, semester break, mid semester break, or any other kind they got for us, it happens. 

I can recall lots of myself doing this from the past semesters. Brought home a whole lot of books, but studied just a page or two of them. Worse, sometimes didn't even study any of them at all. But afterwards I still kept doing it back then; anticipating that I will study all of the books at home, but ending with not even touching any of them. 

Well, sometimes I thought maybe I shouldn't be bringing any of the books at all when I know that I wouldn't revise any of them later on, but I still brought back some of them anyway, just to relieve myself up. "Just in case I wanna study", I whispered to myself back then, but later on, that case was never a case, and presumably will never be a case. It never happened. 

I never got interested  to have revisions at home, sincerely spoken.

Put the blame on that much distractions we have at home; TV, Internet (though at the hostel we have it too, but at home it is conveniently pretty MUCH faster), Astro, video games, friends, tasty and completely free food(we don't have to think twice about the price of the food we have at home, we simply eat it all), comfy bed( it never is the same with the bed at the hostel! Nothing feels like home) naughty little sisters; everything!
I can always get away with all of the stuffs that I have at home, so I don't feel anything that will just fuel my study mood, frankly said. In the other words, HOME IS NOT A PLACE TO REVISE, regardless you're in a middle of an examinations or just not. It will never work, no matter how much book you brought back home. 

Unless you're really an uptight, well-disciplined person, that you've trained yourself to be adaptable to any situations regardless the place and time, regardless the conveniences you have at home, to study. To anyone who think he/she's like that,


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